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    Pastor Mike and Becky GannNearly two thousand years ago a crowd gathered at the foot of a Roman cross to see a man who claimed to be the Son of    God crucified. There were many people, many questions, and even many doubts; yet, in the end a Roman Centurion said it best, Truly this was the Son of God!


    We gather at Calvary the Cross, recognizing Jesus Christ as the Son of God, our Savior! We rejoice in His life, His completed work on the cross, and His resurrection, which all give us the hope of eternal life with Him! If you have any questions about our fellowship or a relationship with Jesus, please contact the church office to speak with Pastor Mike.

Selah   stop and ponder this . . .

“Ultimately, when we have fought a good fight and finished our course, and even if need be suffered death for the name of Christ, we shall emerge from the great tribulation and suffer no more. The King of the universe will grant us refuge in the shelter of His throne, where we may see Him and worship Him day and night in His temple, and the Lamb turned Shepherd will lead us with the rest of His sheep to fountains of living water, where we may ‘slake’ (satisfy) our thirst for ever at the eternal springs.” John Scott

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Our Sunday church services are located at CowTown - 15950 Van Buren Blvd, Riverside



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     March 26th - "A Study In Contentment"

 Philippians 4:10-13